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More About FUE

FUE hair transplantation is transplantation of individual hair follicles ( Follicular Unit Extraction ) involves taking individual hair follicles from the donor , giving , usually occipital region and implanting hair follicles in the region where hair is missing. It is the least invasive method of hair transplantation available today in the world.

A large part of the population , about 40% of men and 20 % of women over 45 years of age has a problem with hair loss. Hair loss, regardless of the cause , can seem extremely frustrating situation . Usually it is difficult problem to deal with for those who lose their hair in the early twenties .


There are numerous causes of hair loss : androgens, genetic, radiation, hormonal imbalance, stress, poor nutrition, infections, seborrhea, auto immune disease, the effects of toxic substances, the use of drugs that cause hair loss, aging …


In 95 % of cases of male baldness cause is the hair follicle hypersensitivity to the active form of the male sex hormone (DHT – dihydrotestosterone ). This eventually leads to constriction of blood vessels and poor flow of nutrients. The rule is simple, no blood no life . The consequence of this is the shortening of the anagen phase ( growth phase ) and extending the telogen phase ( phase of rest ). The hair weakens and and starts to fall off.


While male baldness is socially acceptable, hair loss in women is more traumatic and unacceptable for the environment. Chronic androgen imbalance is the main cause for hair loss in women, but with the meaning of the disease. There are two types: male guy hair loss similar to male baldness and female type that occurs in later in life, a project initially vertex diffuse and eventually progresses.


The goal of the surgical procedure is that the FU ( folicular unit ), which is a natural physiological group consisting of a hair follicle, erectory muscles, sebaceous glands , fibroblasts , blood vessels and accompanying nerve transplanted in place of hair loss. In follicular whole usually are two root hairs, and can be one, three, or four, or more rarely . FU density on the scalp measured by the number of follicular units per cm ² and ranges 90-120 units. During the transfer of half of the value the aesthetic result is acceptable.

FUE method is the microscopic transplant, during which, the lowest level of hair – follicular units are individually isolated and implanted in the scalp. The result is a durable and perfectly suited for the treatment of baldness and thinning hair in both men and women.

The procedure is performed with the help of a specially designed set of microsurgical instruments that enable precise taking of hair follicles without scarring and without damage to surrounding hair follicles which is a big advantage compared to other procedures . Implantation is also done with a special instrument that mechanically implants the hair without damaging to a new location . When isolating follicular units , particular attention is paid to the fact that the hair shows different characteristics depending on the individual, of the two, even the characteristics of different parts of the head. It should be kept in mind that the quality of hair varies in different parts of the head. Also, the follicles are placed in different parts of the head under different angles of growth.

During and after the intervention, there is no pain , and patients leave the hospital the same day . After just a few days , it is impossible to notice any changes in the region where the transplants were . Smaller, repeated procedures may gradually thicken hair , and also help to achieve optimal aesthetic results . After the procedure, the patient is not wearing a bandage, nor there are stitches but only micro ” holes ” from which the transplants are taken heal spontaneously . Forming a crust that fall within a few days.

Besides the advantages compared to traditional hair transplant surgery, in terms of lack of scars, immediate recovery, painlessness, natural looking hair, FUE procedure allows hair transplant in the region of beard, eyebrows, scars, and even eyelashes. Also, the immense popularity of this method has gained since it allows the hair transplant with complete baldness ( hair taken from the body, but they have no qualitative characteristics as the hair ) .

Microsurgical FUE procedure is a modern, minimally invasive, efficient and aesthetically the most acceptable solution to the problem of hair loss.