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Transplant Instructions

Instructions before surgery:

  1. Three weeks before the procedure you should not take vitamin E or any other vitamin pills.
  2. One week before the procedure, do not take aspirin or any non-steroidal medication
  3. One week before the procedure, do not drink alcohol .
  4. If you ‘re a smoker, try to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked to no more than 5 per day two weeks prior to surgery.
  5. If you are taking any other medication prescribed by a cardiologist or psychiatrist must consult the attending physician prior to admitting to surgery .
  6. Patients over 45 years of age the cardiac REVIEW is recommended before surgery.
  7. All patients are recommended taking Minoxidil lasting 2-10 days prior to surgery to improve circulation in accepting region. This is to avoid possible shock caused hair loss immediately after the procedure.
  8. Two days prior to surgery to stop taking Minoxidil . Taking may continue 14 days after surgery.
  9. Patients who choose to have surgery have to eat breakfast in the morning,  but should not eat eggs and milk


After the surgery instructions:

  1. After the procedure, eat light food.
  2. 7 days after the procedure, do not consume alcohol and/or cigarettes.
  3. Do not take Aspirin or any other medication based on Aspirin.
  4. Prescribed medications are to be taken at exact time, as directed.
  5. Do not scrape the scalp to avoid possible transmission of infection from the nails of the fingers on the giving or receiving region.
  6. Do not wear hats.
  7. If you are prescribed cortisone after the surgery that prevents swelling of eyes and forehead, do not salt food for 5 days.
  8. Avoid though exercices up to three weeks after the treatment.
  9. Avoid sleeping on the receiving region. Sleep on the side, od on your back, not on the stomach.
  10. Do not expose your head to strong sunlight for at least 3 weeks after surgery, and up to 2 months after surgery protect your head with hats or caps because of possible sunshine burns to both regions .
  11. Spray the receiving region with saline every 2 hours after the procedure on the day of surgery , and two days after the surgery.



Hair washing instructions:


Chemical agents such as hair sprays, gels, hair paints ARE NOT TO BE USED for one month!

First and Second day after the surgery:

Wash the giving region ( the area from which the hair is taken ) only with baby shampoo gently. Rinse once in warm water .

Third to fifteenth day after the surgery:

  • Wash entire head with baby shampoo twice a day.
  • Wash progressively stronger as the days go by.
  • Wash only with the palms of your hands during first four days, then use fingers but never fingernails.
  • Start using Minoxidil  14 days after the surgery.
  • Start using ALOE VERA GEL just on receiving region radi to improve healing.

Fifteen days up to 2 months:

  • Wash once a day whole head with the baby shampoo.

After two months:

  • You can wash your head with any product you chose.


Shot notes for first 12 months after the surgery


  • Patients after surgery go with minimal band. Receiving region is not covered , or only minimally , which enables faster drying and healing.
  • The operator will give you instructions on how to care for your scalp.
  • You’ll also get recommendations for medications.
  • Implanted grafts are gently held in place by fibrin ( a natural ” glue” of the human body ) for 2-3 days after the procedure.
  • Grafts become fully secure the eighth day after surgery
  • Giving the region usually heal within the first two weeks
  • Normal life activities can be carried out between 7-10 days after surgery.



  • Hair that is transplanted usually drop between two and six weeks after the procedure. The patient may look like it looked before the procedure , but it should not be discouraged and worried..
  • For most patients, the hair begins to rise between the third and fourth month after transplantation..
  • After eight months, most patients can see the full result of the surgery.
  • After a year 90% growth of hair is achived.